Activate Mtn Who Called Me (Missed Call) Alert Services

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With the rate of tecnological advancement in the world, i think things should be getting easier everyday

Have you ever thought that their should be a service which should notify you of your missed calls when your phone is off or not reachable

Today i bring you an easy service on Mtn Nigeria which can easily notify you of your missed call when your line becomes unreachable or your phone is off

This service is splitted into two

MTN Who Called,

MTN Who Called with Notify Me.

Below is the code to activate any of the above service

To Activate who called Send “SET 01 to 100” FREE.

To activate Who Called

with Notify Me Send “SET 02 to 100 FREE”

To Check Status of account Send “STATUS to 100” FREE

To Deactivate Call Alert Services Send “DELETE to 100.”

Below Are The Condition To Make Mtn Missed Call Alert Service To Work

It works when your phone is switched off or unreachable.

When a number you wanna call

becomes available on the MTN


I hope you will enjoy this free service from mtn.

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