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Mtn, Glo, Airtel & Etisalat Cheap Data Plan Bundles 2017: Subscription Codes

This article features the (2017) latest cheap data plans you can get on your android devices, blackberry’s and iPhone for all Nigeria service providers including Glo, Mtn, Etisalat And Airtel


Glo Cheap Data Plan Bundles  2017


Glo Nigeria Logo

Glo has been very sincere to android users in Nigeria as Glo offer wide range of monthly data plan for android phones, iPhones and Blackberry’s, Talking Of Which when chosing out the cheapest data plans providers in Nigeria. Glo Mobile is the outright winner.

How will you feel if you were give 10GB For Only N2,500, Yes that’s more than enough to meet you surfing need only if you are download crook, Not only that Glo Mobile Offers Widely Range Of Cheap and Affordable Data Plans Way Lower than the Mentioned Above, Check them below.

Glo Daily Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes 2017

GLO 30MB for ₦50

Yea, you shouldn’t be so much surprised with this, Gone are the days of getting happy cause you were given 10-15MB for N100, Not these days of Android ERA, Though not enough for surfing the net but it’s  still very dope at consuming on Whatsapp, Instagram & BBM.

This data plan should come in, IN case you need an urgent mb to check out something online, If you have small java or symbian phones then this data plan is the best for you, AT least it should last you for main time.

But, this data plan is only available to surf the internet for 24hours, After that it’s exhausted.

Glo 100MB for N100

Not bad! Getting this is data plan to surf the whole day is awesome, At least an Android Phone User or Blackberry should tweak this go a full day and it should be enough for your browsing needs.

Not really awesome for downloading but it’s probably the best plan if you are in need of an MB to surf some websites for 24hours.

To subscribe for Glo 100MB For N100 Dial *127*51# Or SMS “51″ to 127

N200 for 200MB

Not really different from the one above, it’s only clone of the data above it goes for N200 and you will get 200MB to surf the whole day 24hours.

To subscribe for Glo 200MB for N200 Dial *127*56# or SMS “56” to 127.
That’s all for Glo Daily Data Plan, Can we finally check the weekly plan, it will surely get your eye.

Glo Weekly Data Plan Bundles and Activation Codes 2017

Big Week Plan: N500 For 1.6GB

That’s not too expensive, its all budgeted, 1GB data is enough for a week to surf and even download, not really for a massive downloader

The Big Week plan is valid for 7 days and you will be charged N500 for subscribing to this plan.

To subscribe dial *127*57# or SMS “57” to 127

Ok let’s end this here, that Is the best plan Glo Nigeria has Gotten So far for their weekly Bundle, Can we slodge into Monthly Plans

Glo Monthly Internet Bundle (Data Plans) 2017

This would probably be the option you are looking for, We all need cumbersome GB we can purchase at a cheap or lower price, To see this, monthly plans is probably the best option, Let’s not kill the show check them below.

Update 28 September 2016: Glo Nigeria Just Increased their data plan, the daily data plan and the monthly data plan you cab now buy 1.6GB for N500 Weekly, 3.2GB for N1000 and 7.5GB for N2000

Always Micro Plan: 3.2GB for N1000.

Just a sum up of the weekly plan above, but this lasts for good 30days, this data plan is probably the most popular amongst others, most people opt in for this except for blackberry ? that could easily get 3GB for N1000.

For regular internet users this plan is for you to opt in dial *127*53# or SMS “53” without quotes to 127

My Phone Plan: 7.5GB for N2000

The plan name itself indicates that it is best for your phone, but did Glo just eradicate their blackberry comonth plan there Absolutely.

Imagine if I can subscribe 6GB for N2000 why would I go for 3GN with N1400, this is getting hilarious, Since this plan can work for Android, Blackberrys and iPhones even Java and Symbian devices are not left out.

To opt in for Glo My Phone Plan Dial *127*55# or SMS “55” to 127

So Special Plan: 10GB for N2000

It’s now getting technical, instead of getting 6GB With 2K, You can get 4GB more if you add N500.

What we call an affordable data plan is the GB that Is worth it, the N2,500 might be a way higher but the 10GB is surely a best addition to it, Forget the money and go for the data.

To opt in for Glo So Special Data Plan Dial *127*58# or SMS “58” to 127

Always Macro Plan: 12GB for N3000.

Among data plan users, we will surely have those that can drain 400MB daily, Streaming and Downloading is a Yes to this, Data resellers can also bid in for this, Infact this is the main subscription that makes up my complete month.

The Always Macro Plan has a validity period 30days and it’s compatible with any device type provided you set your phone configuration right.

To opt in for Glo Always Macro Plan Dial *127*54# or SMS “54” to 127.

₦4,000 Data Plan: 18GB for ₦4,000

Very simple and awesome, 18G worth of data is more than enough for cyber cafe centers and cooperates website, what more is a video logger looking for.

With Just ₦4,000 you can enjoy almost the amenities of internet for a complete month without disconnection provided your area supports strong Glo Service.

To opt in for this plan Dial *127*59# or SMS “59” to 127.

This is where I’m gonna stop for Glo Data Plans & Internet Bundles, there are other ISP’s that also serve more like Glo Nigeria check that below.

Airtel Cheap Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes 2017

I would chose Airtel Nigeria as the second best data plans isp’s in Nigeria, though reports came from regular Airtel Customers that the MB zaps easily and you could drain 3GB within 5 days.

I decided to go for one of their monthly Plan and Found out that It’s a complete hoax, we always Seems happy When streaming videos but we don’t remember we have a Limited MB the next thing we See is 0MB remaining.

Lol this guy vex person person like say na trailer jam, but it really isn’t it, Check out Airtel Nigeria Cheap Data Plans For Android Phones, Blackberry and iPhones.

Airtel Daily Data Plan Bundles 2017

Airtel Data Plan

Glo 30Mb for N100

Not bad! After years of 10MB for Hundred Naira, Airtel has turn a New leaf and Java Phones users can Now be sure of a complete data usage..

This data plan Last for 24hours and it works for all device types Android, Blackberry’s and iPhones, It’s also usable on modems l.

To subscribe for Airtel 30MB For N100 Dial *410#

N300 for 50MB

A complete CRAP! If i can get 30MB for 50MB why would i do 50MB for N300, Airtel operators needs to Check on this.

The data plan is usable on all device types and its valid for 24hours, To Subscribe for this data Plan Dial *412#

Lets go for the weekly bomb.

Airtel Weekly Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes.

Airtel Data Plan

Airtel Logo

750MB for N500

With only N500 you can get 750MB on your line which is valid for 7 days, Airtel has 2 weekly plans but the other one is not really worth it so i wont list it here.

To subscribe for Airtel 750MB for N500 Dial. *418#

Airtel Monthly Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes.

We are all waiting for this and Trust me it isn’t gonna let you down, Airtel Offers cheap and affordable monthly data plans that is worth it Check them below

Airtel 1.5GB for N1,500

The same with MTN Nigeria, whenever you purchase 1.5GB data plan you will be charged N1000 which is usable On Android 1.0 but trust me it works for Other devices.

Its valid for a complete month 30days, To subscribe for this Plan dial *418#

3.5GB for N2000

Seems MTN and Airtel are paddies, 3.5GB is worth it for N2000 though i would advice blackberry users to go for Airtel Blackberry Plan which cost N1000 and 3GN will be allocated.

To opt in for Airtel 3.5GB for N2000 dial *437#

Airtel 5GB for N2,500

The third on the list is this Awesome data plan, With only N2,500 you can gain 5GB to enhance your internet activities.

With a user experience on Airtel Network, It’s fast and very durable and this data plan Last for a complete month, To opt in for Airtel 5GB Dial *437*1#

Airtel 7GB for N3,500

Now with only N1000 you can easily add 2GB, Instead of Getting 5GB for N2,500 you can allocate 2GB more with N1000 added.

Damn intresting this data plan Last for a complete month and It’s usable on all device types to opt in Dial *438#

Airtel 12GB for ₦5,000

With this spectacular Data Plan you can watch and stream movies Online till your battery bleed.

This kind of data plan is worth buying since it meets your needs and demands to opt in for this data plan dial *452#

Thats all we will be having for Airtel Data Plan Bundles and Activation Codes, there are more we still need to Check on MTN and Etisalat aint left out in this game.

Etisalat Nigeria Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes 2017


Etisalat Nigeria Logo

Year 2017 data plans is Probably the best Among Other years, i think this keeps increasing yearly as tough competition exists among Internet Sevice Providers In Nigeria, Etisalat is among the top 4 Telecoms In Nigeria.

Etisalat Daily Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes

Etisalat 10MB for N50

Comparing this with Globacom , then it’s a no way, But this is a Nice improvement from older days of 10MB for N100

In some area Etisalat might be the best Option for you then if you need a quick data opt in for this, To subscribe Dial *229*3*8#.

Etisalat 50MB for N100

Wow etisalat showed us a green card here, Awesome and Fantastic with N100 you can get 50MB for surf the net for 24Hours

To opt in for Etisalat 50Mb for N100 Dial *229*3*1#

Thats all for the daily plan, its not really common for People to give all hope on daily Plans this is where weekly Plans comes in

Etisalat Weekly Plan Bundles & Activation Codes

Etisalat 200MB for N200

7 days validity period is Guaranteed for this data plan, A whooping 200MB costs only N200 for etisalat potential customers.

What more can we say, to opt in to this data Plan Dial *229*2*10#

Etisalat also Offers weekend data plan check that here.

Etisalat Monthly Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes

Etisalat 500MB for ₦500

Cheapest and the bomb who Else has this cheap data plan in Nigeria order than Etisalat, This proves them not be the last In
this game.

500MB for a complete month is okay and enough for social Networkers and random internet Users, This Plan is usable on all device types and modems.

To opt in for Etisalat 500MB for ₦500 Dial *229*2*12#

Etisalat 1,500MB for ₦1000

All the same with MTN and Airtel, This Plan is valid for 30days and CAn b used On Androids, Blackberry, Modems and iPhones

To opt in for Etisalat 1,500MB for ₦1000 Dial *229*2*7#

Etisalat 3.5GB for N2000

Seems this change time is befitting us only in internet Bundles at least if the economy goes wrong we can Now Enjoy cheap data plans.

Nothing like unlimited, Etisalat bragged same thing with Airtel and MTN, Don’t know why Glo is so special.

To opt in for Etisalat 3.5GB for N2000 Dial *229*2*8#

Etisalat 6.5GB for ₦3,500

? Etisalat fall my hand here, Glo 10GB costs only N2,500 why would i buy 6.5GB for N3,500, Thats hilarious.

The only option for me to subscribe for this is, If Etisalat Only is the Network that work best for my device.

Anyways etisalat lovers would like to tweak this, to opt in for this Dial *229*2*9#

16GB for ₦8,000

? Etisalat And Etisalat Nigeria Whats the difference, thought we should find that here slashing this by 2 it’s 8GB for N4000.

This is a v bad data plan to say If 6K can buy me 24GB why opt in for this smh.

Its valid for a complete month, to opt in Dial *229*2*5#

Lets not talk more other than this, we have seen etisalat red and Blue eyes its time to talk about the Giant.

MTN Nigeria Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes 2017

MTN data plan

Mtn is undoubtedly the best Among Other internet Service providers In Nigeria, Looking atm their Network Coverage in Cities and Local Government Means they offer Wide and viral range of internet facility.

Lets Quickly Review Mtn Daily Plans, Weekly and Monthly Plans

MTN Daily Data Plan Bundles and Activation Codes

MTN 30MB for N1000

All ISP’s has paved way for 10MB, with N100 you can Now get 30MB on any sim you are using In Nigeria.

The Plan is valid for 24hours, To opt in for this plan Dial *104# or SMS “104” to 131

Mtn 100MB for N200

Wow so MTN CAn offer this data plan, yea 100MB for N200 is not bad since It’s only valid for 24hours.

To opt in for MTN 100Mb for N200 Dial *113# or SMS 113 to 131

Lets go for 7 days usage

MTN Weekly Data Plan Bundles and Activation Codes

Mtn 500MB for N750

MTN will dash you 500MB provided you are ready to pay N750 which is valid for a week.

Its usable on all device types Android, Blackberry’s And iphones, To subscribe Dial *103#

Lets swim in for 30 days usage.

MTN Monthly Data Plan Bundles and Activation Codes 2017.

MTN 1.5GB for N1000

? Steping on the Dance floor, It seems change really has an effect on All ISP’s in the Country if not for change what more could we expect ?

If you are willing to release that N1000, MTN would dash you 1.5GB which is valid for 30days.

To opt in for this Dial *106# or Send 106 as a message to 131

MTN 3.5GB for N2000

I said it, Nobody wan carry last for this game, but must MTN do the Same thing SMH ?.

If 1.5GB isn’t enough for you then 3.5Gb should, Valid for 30dags and usable on all device to opt in for this data plan Dial *110# or SMS 110 to 131.

MTN 10GB for ₦5,000

? The bomb!, There is no way 10GB won’t be enough for you if 3.5GB isn’t, what more could we say, MTN always show muscle

It’s usable on all device type and I bet it does not Zap easily to opt in for this data plan Dial *116# or SMS 116 to 131.

MTN 22GB for N10,000

Why would I pay N10,000 for a data plan that’s even 10% of some middle class salary, Internet Gurus and Website Cooperates should explain the power of data.

22GB is super enough for browsing for a complete month, to subscribe dial *117# or SMS 117 to 131.

MTN also offers Night Plan which goes for 500MB for N25 Cheap HUh!

This only lasts for 4 hours that’s between 12am – 4am in the early morning.

That’s all we could say for MTN, Glo, Airtel & Etisalat Cheap Data Plan Bundles Subscription Codes 2017, While we still expect more from these isp’s just keep loading this page and you will be updated

This post is kinda long but a bonus should be given for reading this till the end, Check MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat Night Plan Subscription Codes.

Hope to see you sooner ?

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