Jumia Black Friday 2017 Deals | Date, Offers and Hot Sales

Jumia Black Friday 2017


Jumia Black Friday 2017 will be a mind blowing event in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana where there will be a massive discount And Deals on every products that sells on Jumia.


For those that experienced how last year went. A discount of over 50% is guaranteed. It’s just amazing to the peak that iPhones, Androids and Blackberry’s would all be sold at a discounted rate that’s super affordable for both lower and middle class.

Now the question is When is Jumia Black Friday 2017 date:

And An Highly Sophisticated Guy will ask

What Products will be discounted on that very day Jumia Black Friday 2017 Deals & Sales.

Well let me quickly dive into the best answer I can to please your curious mind.



To be precise, Jumia made it officially known that the black Friday Deals will last for 12 days. But let me be frank with you it’s only for the fastest fingers, the more fast you are to hit jumia market at 12.00AM., The lesser your dreamed product will be.

If you are concerned about which exact product Jumia is going to discount that day. Make it clear that many products will be put for sale on the jumia black Friday promotion and it ranges from many categories such as Home Appliances, Fashion, Games, Kitchen Utensils, Mobile Phones, Laptops and Many More.

I’m super optimistic that the promo discount will be nothing less than 30 – 50% discount on any product you lay hands upon on that very day.

Since it’s known that there will be a very product you are observing and waiting for a reckon day to deal with. This is the best time for you to make a list about the product you are aiming at and get that dream product at a cheaper price on Jumia Black Friday 2017 Promotion.


Jumia Black Friday 2017

  • JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2017 – 24th NOVEMBER 2017
  • JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2018 – 23th NOVMEBER 2018
  • JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2019 – 29th NOVEMBER 2019
  • JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2020 – 27th NOVEMBER 2020
  • JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY 2021 – 26th NOVEMBER 2021

Your curiosity all falls upon this, not a single moment will be left out even a sleep freak will have to shop for cheap stuffs while on his dreams lol.

Jumia Black Friday 2017 Promotion will run From November 13th to 24th 2017. A brand new edition with awesome discount on products don’t sleep off that day, even if I have to, I’ll definitely sleep walk and make a purchase.

Now the trending question is how can I be of benefits in this promotion.


Yes you just heard, you can make a well sounded money in this promotion. In our current economy we have to economize and deal with things to reap out a substantial profit. What about buying a product and resell it at a good price.

It bumps to my audible mind that since the product will be discounted massively on that very date why not take the opportunity and make some voluminous purchase of desirable products and resell it at an higher price.

Since most of the product price would be halved why not resell them at a normal price when the Jumia Black Friday Deal is over. Let’s do a simple mathematics.

In a lay man ? calculation, iPhone 6 sells for #120,000 on a normal day and it’s very sure that Jumia will halve the price on Friday Deals, Now let’s say it goes for #60,000 {That’s 50% Off}

We assume that you buy 5 Units of iPhone 6, that’s a total capital of #300,000 (If you don’t have up to this you can go for a lesser fast selling product)

Now after the jumia black Friday promotion went off you sell this product at its Normal price that’s #120,000


Now let’s calculate (#120,000 * 5) that’s #600,000.

Wow! Is this not a great opportunity for the sharp guys, you made #300,000 Profit within 2-3 days by selling product, you are even assured more than this if you have enough capital for the business.

It’s now up to you, the time is approaching nearer waiting for a bait to go for, will your hook catch this, what really do you need to hook up with this?

Prepare a scale of preference for the type of product you want ranging from Home Appliances, Kitchen Utensils, Games, Mobile Phones and Laptops, Make sure its a fast selling one.

We still need to wait a little before we catch November so save some money while you can, so that you have more enough money for the black Friday Deal.

We will keep you updated on this very page about every cheap product on the Black Friday night so save or bookmark this page.

Make a purchase of the best product for you and it will get delivered to your door step in nothing less than 24 – 48 Hours.

After Jumia Black Friday Deals ends then you are set to sell your product at the normal price.

That is it about Jumia Black Friday Date, Deals and Promotion Friday 2017, If you have any option or point we missed up there, kindly make it known to us by commenting below.

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