GTBank Exchange Rate Today 2017 (Dollar, EURO & Pounds)

gtbank exchange rate

GTBank dollar to naira exchange rate today July 2017, EURO to naira and Pounds to dollar exchange rate updated daily.

It’s now a trend that dollar varies and changes hourly In Nigeria market, We all need to get concerned how much our bank charges for a dollar exchange, Prior to this, I have created this post fully to discuss about Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) Dollar to naira exchange rate.

gtbank exchange rate today

Though Central Bank Of Nigeria has pegged the dollar rate to N315 when exchanged for naira, But different commercial banks has their own exchange rate as a result some charges higher and some Lower, A good example of those that changes Lower is Zenith and GTBank. Let’s quickly review Gtbank Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate.

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GTBank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today (July 2017)

GTBank $1 to Naira Exchange Rate Today: N368

The amount you will be charged when making any transaction with your GTBank MasterCard is close to the amount up there, Sometimes it might not be, due to fluctuation that happens in Parallel Market hourly, However this exchange rate will be charged when purchasing a dollar.

If However you need to sell your dollar to your commercial bank you will be paid an amount lesser to the rate you bought the dollar, It also fluctuates depending on some factors but the rate is fluctuate recently at N305 – N315.

GTBank €1 Euro To Naira Exachage Rate Today: N419

Whenever you try to make any purchase with your GTBank Naira MasterCard and you are transacting in European Euros [€] You will be charged N406.

When converting your Euro to naira I.e When any commercial banks buy Euro from you, You will be given less compared to the amount above, this intervenes and fluctuates hourly, GTBank will buy an Euro from you at a price of N320 as of today.

GTBank £1 Pounds To Naira Exchange Rate Today: N476

The Great Britain Pounds Exchange rate is always high when converted to naira, Due to fall In the Country’s economy the exchange rate is now pegged at N496, you will be charged this amount whenever you make any transaction online with your GTBank naira MasterCard

Note that the exchange rate fluctuates hourly but we will try our very best to update this amount daily.

Caught Up, that’s all for the GTBank Exchange Rate Today 2017 (Dollar, EURO & Pounds), Hope this has answered your question about how much is GTBank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today.

We would love hear from you, If you made any transaction online today, Kindly comment the amount Gtbank charged you for exchanging dollar to naira.

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