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Forex Paradise Review: Scam or Legit Read Before Investing

What is Forex Paradise investment Plan? Is this high yielding investment Real or Scam, How stable and how safe is it to invest In, this article covers forex paradise review and its ponzi scheme of operating.


Forex Paradise is a Hong Kong based Investment Company owned and admined by Stephan Hendriks, It’s another High Yield Investment Program that uses your money in trade for forex. Forex Pradise promises that your money will be given back to you plus profits after they win risk game.

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On my first glance at the site, Looking at the professional design it becomes clear the workers put in much professionalism in making the design a reality, this is too great for you to see you probably have the action to visit up the site, We quickly ran to check its alexa ranking and saw its among the first 10,000 in the world having link back from various Hyips Forum, That’s awesome even forex brokers site finds it hard to maintain that kind of powerful rank but they did! However don’t get too excited check out other negative flag below.

Forex Paradise Review

Forex Paradise shows a general statistics of total investors investing in their HYIP programs, It shows the total investors of 240,490 worldwide from over 100 countries, Lets quickly investigate Forex Paradise Investment Plans according to their main website.

Forex Paradise Review


Maximum Return:759.38%
100% principal deposit back:YES
100% deposit insurance:YES
Investment Period:5 Months
Agent Reward:5 Levels
Maximum Referral Reward (%):22 +4 +2 +1.5 +1.1
Accruals:Once per Month
Currencies accepted:15+
Option to transfer active deposit from CLASSIC 430 plan to this plan:YES
Option to deposit using one payment processor and withdraw using another:YES
Option to send additional funds to already active deposit:


Maximum Return: 1777%
100% principal deposit back:YES
100% deposit insurance:YES
Investment Period:12 Months
Agent Reward:5 Levels
Maximum Referral Reward, %:22 +4 +2 +1.5 +1.1
Accruals:Once per Month
Currencies accepted:15+
Option to transfer active deposit from CLASSIC 430 plan to this plan:YES
Option to deposit using one payment processor and withdraw using another:YES
Option to send additional funds to already active deposit:Coming Soon


Maximum Return:430%
100% principal deposit back:YES
100% deposit insurance:YES
Investment Period:154 calendar days
Agent Reward:5
Maximum Referral Reward, %:22 +4 +2 +1.5 +1.1
Currencies accepted:6+

Surfing through the various MENUS shows how Forex Paradise has great SUPPORT Functionality for their investors, It offers support in Multiple Languages English, Spanish, Turkce , Deutsche, Italian and Russian this shows real ways to build trust and stable relationship as they also made their Direct phone numbers and E-mail Public.

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About Forex Paradise withdrawal, they only accept Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash – $25 or €25 Bitcoin – 0.1 BTC Skrill, Neteller, Payza, OKPAY – $100 or €100. as their means of payment and you can easily withdraw at minimal as seen above not like other brokers that promises to pay out when you accrued $100-200

I quickly ran to who is to check out the domain information, I found out the domain is registered in Wed Jan 22 18:57:47 GMT 2014, Updated On Mon Aug 03 13:57:55 GMT 2015 And Would Expire On Tues Jan 21 23:59:59 GMT 2025,

Stephan Hendriks who was the original of Forex Paradise lives Rm. 301, 43 San Fung ave, Hong Kong as shown by who is info, the registrant contact number +852.58033134, company Billing Contact ID 3E6E118567CB808F and other vital information were also made public.

On the website homepage it shows Forex Paradise takes security very vital, they uses SSL encryption with an enhanced level of protected for investors, this shows best act against fraudulent act, Could this HYIP be real, make sure you inquired till the end of this review.

Forex Paradise Review

I also inquired well about the site payment proof and I calculated the ratings to 60percent some complained to have bad experience about them and lots made a good outstanding review about them check the below screenshot and see what people are saying about Forex Paradise .


Looking at this kind of hyip program, Normally hyips programs are not stable and not trustworthy they only last 5 Months-A year and at most 2, But Forex Paradise has lasted over 2 Years and No complaints have gotten reported from investors so far, Online investors have gained much money in Hyip and some loses what too cumbersome to say, My best advice for this kind of program is too invest what you can lose, It’s all about taking the risk off, just invest in the amount you can dash a concubine withdraw your capital and forget your interest there. As I said Earlier Only Invest What You Can Lose.

 Make Sure you keep refreshing this page to find latest threat against Forex Paradise if they are still paying or not.

UPDATE: As of now Forex Paradise is NOT PAYING

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Updated: October 8, 2018 — 11:31 am


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  1. Can I invest?

    1. Yes sir, its still safe for now and it has lasted more than 2 years, i’ll only advice you to invest the little you can risk.

  2. Hello sir,i have invested in forexparadis about 3 months ago but now there is a new worries about banking processing in the deposit history section ,lots of negative comments rose in many hyip monitors and i am waiting for the money what do you think about that?

    1. Hello, which [lan did you opt in for

      1. 25%weekly and now all profits are in banking process with 0 balance

        1. People are complaining lately about forex paradise being suspicious, they will probably tell yo that Your Profit is being processed by the bank and is to be paid in 20 business days at most.

          This is 50 / 50 they might pay and they might now, Thats the Risk HYIPs Programs are About.

          Anyways lets See if they shut down before 20 Days.

        2. during bank process,forex paradise pay interest to you but in very small amount.
          this amount straight to your balance.

          1. It’s been about 11 days and no pay

          2. Thanks For The Update, I heard you are to wait for 20 days before you can be paid your earnings.

  3. my suggest is stop to further invest until they make payment.
    lasttime their plan is take times,but now the plan is sup fast.
    beware !

    1. Nice Idea Man! Forex Paradise will soon wave off like others did

      1. After 20 bussiness days pass but still no payment…
        Good bye another SCAM

    Can not withdraw my money. Their email accounts are closed and can not access their website. Will report them to the police in Hong Kong as well as other sources . They will not get away with this scam and will be hunted where ever they are located.

    1. That is what we called HYIPS Man. Always hold the fact that HYIPs Programs is a huge risk. It’s either you win or lose.

      1. That is what we call fraud and it’s illegal!!

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