How To Enable Google 2 Step Verification In Nigeria



Securing your mail account has been one of the crucial matter beating in our heart.

Important stuffs are stored inside our mailing account, we have the Google Adsense account and your blog which in case hacked might cause a big hike to us therefore Google created a 2 step verification to secure our account hereby not making it possible for our account to be hacked.

2-Step verification denotes that for every login on another device or computer there must be a Secret Code sent to your device.

Unfortunately, this service a’int provided for Nigerians but you can get use this service in an alternative way.

Simply follow the below step to create a google 2 step verification in Nigeria.

You need a US Account number, Download Nextplus on your android device and Register.

Tap the three vertical line at the top and click get a US number

Wait for some seconds and your US number will be genarated successfully

Long click on your US number to copy, Head over to google 2-step verification service and select USA as your country.

You will be asked for your number, just paste in your US number and tap continue.

Google would ask to send a Code to your number through an SMS or Through Voice call

Select the voice call and click continue

Open your nextplus account to recieve the call and write down the code said


Insert the secret code and click continue.

A successful page would be viewed on your next web page.

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