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Coince Review: Scam Or Real Must Read Before You Invest (Updated)

What is coince investment? Is this high yielding investment Real or Scam, How stable and how safe is it to invest In, this article covers everything about coince review and check if its legit or fake.

On my first glance at the site, Looking at the professional design it becomes clear the workers put in lots of professionalism in making the template a reality, Lots of people complained there are too much of information on the website though it looks organized neatly, however there is lot of contact information to look up on the site that sounds real but I only count it as an act of making it real but not really.


The website also shows the general statistics of total investors investing in their HYIP programs, It shows a total investors of 937905 worldwide, THIS IS TOO HUGE to be sure of according to main the coince website 2 Percent of your total investment would be returned to you everyday for a period of 3 Months that’s 180 Percent grand which looks kinda huge as most Real investment companies even generate less than 20percent yearly.

As of June 2016 Coince is reportedly said to receive over 2.2Million Visits throughout the month has gain hearts of many publishers, i looked at coince Facebook fan page reports and i see positive comments there, I’m still unsure about this result as it can be cloned, Even social proof don’t count positive result of a ponzi scheme

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Surfing through the various MENUS shows how coince has various representatives across the world, Coince reported to have representatives in United States, Cambodia and Germany, this shows real ways to build trust and stable relationship as representatives also include their Full names, contact information and Skype ID.

Generally around HYIP world there is always a three-tier Affiliate programs. Coince also offer this for its potentials investors to take advantage of ,it runs on a matrix of 5-2-1% (For Active Members) and 7-2-1% for representatives (To be a representative you need to have or invest over 300 dollars in your account.)

About coince withdrawal, they only accept Payeer, Bit coin and Perfect Money as their means of payment and you can easily withdraw through your e wallet by typing the amount followed by your E wallet ID. Then you need to enter a pin after which the payment will be processed for 24hours.

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I quickly ran to who is to check out the domain information, I found out the domain is registered in 22-jan-2004 Updated in 11-Jan-2016 And Would Expire In 22-JAN-2022, this undoubtedly shows that this domain was abandoned for some years and kick started off early this year whereas looking at the website footer it shows vividly that the year range of coince was 2008-2016.

coince review

coince review

Joseph Miller who is the original of coince lives Greater London as shown by who is info, the registrant contact number, company name and other vital information were also made public.

On the website homepage it shows they were registered and trusted by McAfee, Trusted Wave and was also said to be Norton Secured that’s truly enough to be trustable but not really is

I also inquired well about the site payment proof and I calculated the ratings to 60percent some complained to have bad experience about coince and lots made a good outstanding review about them check the below screenshot and see what people are saying about coince.

coince review

coince review


Looking at this kind of hyip program, it seems too good to be true, Normally hyips programs are not stable and not trustworthy they only last 1-2 years and at most 3, Online investors have gained lots of money in Hyip and some lost what too cumbersome to say, My best advice for this kind of program is too invest what you can lose, Its all about taking the risk off, just invest in the amount you can dash a concubine withdraw your capital and forget your interest there.

Gradually if the program last for a year that’s a huge money and interest made for you, As I said Earlier Only Invest What You Can Lose.

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  1. Megabitinvest is paying without any problems, I getting my money everyday and I’m happy with the result. I like it.

    08.09.16 14:29;Account;Receive;Received Payment 640.00 USD from account U9155290 to account U3190988. Batch: 139856253. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Hohn Pirata from Mega Bit Invest.

  2. to be its a full scam i have never got my moey from this website and is is still pending from 2 months to me coinceis fraud

  3. Since august 2016, Coince as stopped paying out till date, Coince is a scam already

    1. Yes, that’s irony of an HYIP Program they work for 3-6months And then blow off.

  4. Before you invest your money on any investment site, you need to know the following
    1. There Withdrawal type if is not instant, dont invest.
    2. Check their expiry date because most of the Hyip site valid for one year.
    3. Check their running days, if is from 1-5 dont invest.
    4 Check and monitor their deposit and withdrawal if is stagnant that means they are not paying.
    5 After registration go to edit profile in your account, if your perfect money account no or payeer or advcash etc is editable that means the website is not good to invest on it.
    6. Do not open multiple accounts because is against the rules.
    So before you know all these you need to go on research.

    I got scam sometimes back but now am able to detect some of the real site, you can try this site and see they are paying instantly

    1. Hello Amos. Which site did u say is paying? Thanks

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