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Best Google Adsense Alternative 2017: High Paying Alternatives For Bloggers


This article covers detailed information on best google adsense alternatives for bloggers 2017, I have researched and I stand to bring you the TOP 7 Alternative that can earn you substantial income before 2017 runs out.

It’s not a news anymore, Google Adsense is the best in terms of advertisement and cost per click, but the only problem is the approval part, Imagine you have opted to have apply for Google Adsense 5 times and the Same message you saw was Insufficient Content, How would you feel? Google adsense needs unique contents, and nice blog design, After meeting these certain criteria’s you still got banned,.. Ouch, even after waiting for 6 months.

According to my observations, I see Asian Countries and Africa in particular hardly get adsense, I won’t say it’s by luck, But consider applying for foreign Adsense a congrats message will be mailed within 3 days, However you opened your eye one nice morning and saw a bad phrase ‘Your Account Has Been Disabled, Is this the end Absolutely NO

After so much work you have gotten on the blog, you still have the potentials to try other network and earn better, In short, the best google adsense alternatives I provided below should help a lot, Try them out and give me some reply, Before hands I’ve gotten some ad networks covered you can try those out too, Kindly hook up with them.



Clicksor is one of the old advertisement network out there that works well for both publishers and web advertisers, it owned by Yesup, Ecommerce Solutions Inc which was founded in the late 1999. Being one of the oldest advertisement network and with a vast and long experience with clicksor, I can say it’s a Legit advertisement network.

Clicksor being one of the oldest ads network had offered thousands of advertisement for both web and mobile publishers making one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives you can use on your mobile blog & website.


Signing up on clicksor is free and easy but you need to meet some certain requirements (listed below) before getting approved

  • You need at least 50,000 Page views Monthly.
  • Your website or blog must be porn free
  • 50pecent of your traffic must be from USA, UK or Canada.


Clicksor will work well for you if you have targeted traffic and much of them, the minimum payment threshold is $50 by PayPal or cheque. If you have a popular site and you earn over $1000 you payment method is through bank wire and you will be charged $75 for administrative fee by clicksor.


exoclick ads network review

Exoclick is one of the ads network out there that enables publishers earns sustainable income and also gives advertisers the potentials to get real human visitors via mobile, desktop, tablet and smart tv.

Founded in Barcelona, Exoclick was ranked the 4 largest ad company (The rank made by w3Techs). Exoclick was founded in 2006 and started climbing its position from there, and reach the fourth large in a decade, With nothing less than Four Billion impressions per day.

Exoclick offers good cpm rate for US, UK and Canada visitors they offers nothing less than $2 per 1000 impressions and for cpc they offers $0.10 per clicks which makes it one of the best google adsense alternatives the cons of this ads network is their cpm and cpc rates for Asian and African traffics are very low.


Adversal Ads Network Review

Adversal is a CPM based ads network that had been in existence since 2003, they are one of the best quality pop under ads provider among ads network, its currently ranked in the world an it gets most of its users from India, not only a CPM network they have equally expanded their network to cover other ads type, PPC included.

  • Your website must be older than 60days this means a 1 old month blog can’t be approved for this program.
  • Just like adsense, adversal hates traffics coming from traffic exchange site, don’t be smart enough to play this else you will be banned.
  • Image hosting website isn’t eligible to apply for adversal network.
  • Your blog should attract at least 50,000 traffic monthly and most should be from US.
  • Your site language should be in English File upload sites and proxy websites are ineligible to apply for adversal
  • Lastly adversal gives credit to original contents, try having and make at least 2 pages on your blog.
  • However if you are rejected you need to wait for 30 days before you can reapply.

Provided you meet the above certain criteria then you should be thinking of quitting adsense and go for the best google adsense alternatives ever.

Adversal earning are updated daily and they have extremely low payout rates which put smiles all over my face, once you passed their minimum pament of $20 you get paid to your paypal account, bank wire or cheque.

You payment period is Net 35 which means after you reach the you need to wait for 35 days before your payent can be sent, all unpaid balance will be rolled over each month till you accrue the minimum payout.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads Review

Propeller Ads Payment Proof

Propeller ads is one of the fastest growing advertising platform founded in 2011, and its a CPM [Cost Per Impression] based advertisement that means you will be paid in per thousand impression their payment rates per impression varies according to the country your visitors comes from, US, UK and Canada traffic is the best traffics for this ads network as they do pay over $2-5 EU and Neighboring countries.

I have seen publishers that make over $500 with this network, that means the rate at which propeller ads is growing is very rapid, you only to maintain some patience and then examine how it works.

Propeller ads network is through PAYONEER and Wire transfers and their minimum payouts is $100 and $500 respectively, Why not try out this network and experience real life.


Revenuehits should be termed the best google adsense alternatives though its not a cpc based networked but a cpa still you can earn up to $1000 in a month with this advertising network.

Revenuehits is an advertising network since 2008 and is an isreal based network and a Geo-targeted ads which displays ads to your visitors based on their country

As I said it earlier that its a CPA{Cost Per Action} based network that is after your visitors clicked on the ads they must perform the action required by the advertiser else you won’t make nothing.

There are some that makes nothing less than $100 daily with this network and even some that makes nothing, try and understand this network very well it isn’t about how your ads is clicked but which action is performed.

Less traffic websites also makes money from this network even as at their first day using it. The best thing is their minimum payout is $30 and you can get paid via Paypal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer.



Infolink platform drives revenue for over 150,000 sites in 128 countries; Infolinks is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel and company offices in New York, Chicago and Buenos Aires. Infolinks claims to be the third largest marketplace of sites in the world.

According to alexa ranking its currently ranked 7,038 in the world and it is most visited by the United States.

It is an advertising network that does not require any space to display ads on your blog, It rather convert some certain keywords into from your article into link ads, when visitor hovers and click on the link you make your money.

Infolinks do not have certain criteria in getting you approved even a month old blog can apply, for those still getting low on monetization then infolinks should serve you the best google adsense alternatives.

Infolinks seems to offer fast and secure, method of payment you can easily withdraw as soon as you reach 50 Dollars, Payment methods are PayPal, Payoneer and Wire, and Payments will be sent after 45 days.



Bidvertiser is another advertisement company that has been into existence since 2003, This I would called this best google adsense alternatives for those who had been rejected after applying for Google Adsense.

Unlike other advertisement network Bidvertiser make sure that the highest paying ads are displayed on your site and they pay per click, not only that you also earn on visitors conversions which will result in a very healthy income.

Note that bidvertiser do not accept adult site and your application will be approved immediately after you apply, the most amazing thing is bidvertiser also accept sub domains i.e. you don’t have to own a custom domain before you apply, take actionable step now.

Bidvertiser provides payment via PayPal, Skrill and MoneyBookers. Also Western Union cheque or by wire, Payment is transferred to you after 30 days of reaching the minimum payments that is 10 Dollars with PayPal, Skrill and MoneyBookers, then $100 by cheque and lastly $500 by wire. Your earnings is accrued to you over the month you made the earnings.

That is it about Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2017: HighPaying Alternative For Bloggers, If you have other ads network that works well for you, Kindly share below via the comment box.

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking for a secondary Ad network which I can use with Google Adsense for some extra Income from my Micro Niche sites. All my sites are Adsense based micro sites, but I have a big confusion, as i have been reading few reviews of different ad networks around the web and base don all the reviews, I am confused between, Infolinks, Revenuehits, Bidvertiser & Chitika.

    So, according to you, which one should I use to get the maximum from my micro niche sites traffic?

    My traffic is a mix from all the countries, also do let me know, which advertiser works best for which country?

    1. Hello Julie, RevenueHits and Infolinks should be better

  2. Adsotimal, propeller ads and infolink are great adsense alternatives. Other adnetwirk are useless. Affiliate marketing is still valuable for blogger

  3. For me Tribaladnetwork is the best .I earn a good cpc rate and i get paid also for conversions.

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