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App Not Installed Error: Easy Way To Fix On Android Phones

App Not Installed Error: Easy Way To Fix On Android.

One of the intrusive thing ever on Android devices is the term App Not Installed. Especially when you just got an app you’ve been longing for and that kind of error keeps showcasing. This tutorial will thoroughly treat about the possible cause and solution of App Not Installed Error On Android Devices.

App Not Installed

Note that either your phone is rooted or not you will solve this and you can solve this without a PC. Also either you are on Kitkat, Lollipop or Marshmallow OS version this method will equally work.

Possible Reason For This Error.

Corrupted Apk File: A corrupted Apk File from unknown sources could be a vital reason, Even Corrupted Whatsapp Apk File won’t install. Make sure the app is gotten from known sources before trying to install.
Insufficient Storage: This I would call 70% of the cause of App Not Installed.
Unsigned Apk Installation: Some Cases where you download another version of an app which the certificate is different. This might result in clash which will showcase the app not installed.
App Installation Location.
Some apps only requires to be installed on Phone Memory and Some to both SDcard / Phone memory, If you are trying to install Phone app to SDcard a clash might occur which will result in the error.

Solutions To Fix App Not Installed Error On Android Phones.

  • Make sure the app you are installing is fully copied or downloaded from a trusted source, if not re-download the app and try re-installing.
  • As said earlier some apps requires to be installed on Phone Storage, Check if it requires and follow the required process. Quick Solution: Change App Installation Locating to Automatic.
  • As insufficient disk storage might cause it, check your SDCard Free storage space if it’s enough for the installation of the app.
  • Some scenario requires rebooting the device, just off your Android device and remove the battery, Inbuilt battery users can just reboot the phone.
  • Check if your SDCard is not connected to a PC if it is then disconnect.
  • Lastly if you ve tried the above step and it’s still showing the App not installed then backup your files on your SDCard and Wipe your device, Then everything will be back to normal.

That is all for App Not Installed: Easy Way To Fix On Android., We await your comment via the comment for any complaint after trying out the process above.

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  1. How to fix Tecno W4 timeout problems, i cant do anything with my phone at the moment. The phone changes direction of whatever you are doing making the phone useless in my hand just 3weeks of buying this phone

    1. Hello, what were you trying to do when you get the timeout error, can you expantiate more

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