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Cool Android Development And Tips

Recycle Bin for Android Smartphones: Recover Deleted Files

recycle bin android

In windows world was a recycle bin that keep your files after which you have mistakenly delete some important files but what if it was your android phone will you just accept the gone file and start over again. Let assume you were given a work to solve for months and you have reached the […]

Recover Lost Or Deleted Text Message On Your Android


If you mistakenly got an important message deleted you will feel like what the fuck’ but you don’t need those shits instead you should act fastly to recover it. Lost messages can be easily be recoverable, but it won’t be recovered until when the memory portion in which it was saved is over written by […]

Share/Tether Vpn Internet Connection On Your Android To PC

share vpn internet connection

Are you having issues with sharing your android VPNS network to your PC then this write up is for you, Some complained they have little problem with using Df tethering to unlock their tethering since it required rooting of your android device, Don’t worry be happy here comes two powerful application which enables you to […]

TextView Solution: How You Can Copy Texts From Facebook App


Inability to select or copy text from any android apps i.e youtube,instagram, facebook looks kind of funny to me, even you won’t be able to highlight them talkless of copying. This kind of uncopyable text is called textview that means they can’t be edited or copied since native support a’int supported. I have found out […]

Simple Ways To Root Tecno Camon C9 With PC: How To

root tecno camon c9

ROOT TECNO CAMON C9: This article features the easiest way to root the Tecno camon c9 with the use of a PC, it’s a direct method and you don’t need to be a computer guru before you can do it. Tecno camon c9 which was launched by Tecno Mobile in June runs a 6.0 marshmallow […]

3 Powerful Android Apps To Track And Monitor Your Data Usage

Track Data Usage Android

About 60% of android user’s are on limited monthly data plan and Android apps are known to consume loads of data nowadays leaving your data exhausted within a week, therefore the case Monitoring our data usage should come in so as to limit our ways of consuming data. There are some android apps that updates […]

Simple Way To Root Infinix Zero 3 [X552]: How To


This article explained the detailed info on how to root infinix zero 3 x552 with pc. Infinix zero 3 which came with an amazing rear camera of 20.7MP and the multi tasking i’m sure you will like to explore more on the phone capacity by rooting it Fortunately I have gathered the necessary specifications of […]

How To Unroot Your Android Smartphone For OS Updates


Rooting should be one of the top things on your mind when you just purchase an Android phone as ¬†can give you full control over your phone and it’s now easier than before. But sometimes things might comes up ,maybe your smartphone is processing is slow due to some uncleared bugs or your smartphone requires […]

Detect Invisible Users On Yahoo Messanger: How To

Yahoo Messanger-Detector

How would you feel if a friend is hiding up his visibility for you that he is offline and whereas he is online Yahoo messenger has that bad ass option that do invigorate me truly ,the invisible feature ¬†enables you to hide your true identity online so if You activated the option your friends will […]

HTTP injector Configure File: How To Create Custom .ehi File

HOW TO CREATE HTTP INJECTOR CONFIGURE FILE Do you have a custom config file you wanna create for your http injector that’s easy this tutorial will help you up and have your own customized . ehi configure file for HTTP injector Before starting i hope you have a valid host address and a proxy and […]

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