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Africa Richest Countries: Top 5 Richest in Africa by GDP 2017

Africa Richest Countries: Top 5 Richest in Africa by GDP 2017

This article features the richest country in Africa (2017 Latest), each country’s figure is given in $ (US Dollars) according to International Monetary Fund Policy.

Africa is known to be the second most populous continent in the world that is the second largest, that is in terms of land mass, but when it comes to the richest continent, Africa still remains the poorest.

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Africa Richest Countries

Moreover it has high percentage of poor countries compared to the percentage of rich countries (which is very low), let’s take some minutes to check out the Top 5 Richest Countries in terms of GDP per capita Which gives us each person average income in a country

1. Seychelles – The #1 Richest Country In Africa

GDP Per Capita: $25,439.92

Capital: Victoria

Republic of Seychelles, is the the wealthiest country in Africa based on GDP per capita the country capital is Victoria and the whole Seychelles is made up of 115 small islands. Seychelles total population in the last census made in the country is collated to be approximately 92,000 people, located in the Indian Ocean, it’s source of fortune comes from the voluminous coastline and open door shipments.
If you are really in need of a tourist place in Africa this country should be the best for you as it also have one of the best shorelines in the world.

2. Equatorial Guinea

GDP Per Capita: $19.818.11.

Capital: Malabo

Equatorial Guinea is selected as the second richest country in Africa per capita, with about a million population the country capital is based in Malabo and her main source of fortune is mentioned to be farming and agriculture, later in the 1990s when carrying out a research Oil was discovered which skyrocket their GDP.

3. Gabon

GDP Per Capita– $17,053.47

Capital – Libreville

Gabon is worthy to be the third richest Africa country based on GDP per capita, her capital is based Libreville, Gabon is located in the sub Saharan and it’s source of revenue is mainly from oil and timber plantation.

It’s a country with a relatively small population of almost a million people with a total GDP less than $20billion.

4. Botswana

GDP Per Capita – $16,578.59

Capital – Gaborone

If you study the rankings well, it’s more based on lower population, Botswana has over 2 million people residing in it, the capital is situated at Gaborone and the sources of revenue comes from tourism, financial services and agricultural products.

5. South Africa

GDP Per Capita – $11,273.08

Capital – Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Cape Town

The last country I will be having on the list for Africa richest country is South Africa, it’s capital being Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Cape Town, it’s the best and fastest developing countries in Africa with an easy employment opportunities in fields like tourism, textures, fishing and agriculture, with over 53million total population South Africa has the highest GDP in the continent with over $351billion GDP as of 2015.

Thanks for reading the Top 5 Richest Country In Africa Based on GDP per capita.

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