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Adversal Ads Network Review 2017 and Earnings Payment Proof

This article features the latest 2017 update about Adversal Ads Network Review and their earning payment proof, could adversal be the best answer for google adsense alternative check the review below.

Google adsense has well known to be the best advertisement network publishers aim for, but most people complained about adsense rejecting their website to display ads, this has been common even to those that passes adsense requirements. This really has broken hearts of many bloggers which makes them quit desperately, If you are a real blogger you won’t quit there are other ads networks that even performs just like adsense, adversal network ads is one of them, though I would say google adsense is probably the best

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Adversal is a CPM based ads network that had been in existence since 2003, they are one of the best quality pop under ads provider among ads network, its currently ranked in the world an it gets most of its users from India, not only a CPM network they have equally expanded their network to cover other ads type, PPC included.

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According to kyle at adversal he said

Our goal at Adversal is to maximize earning potential and provide an overall great publisher experience. We also have a long history of reliability within the industry. In 10 years, we’ve never once missed a pay period or even sent out a single payment late.”

“Over the past year, we’ve made significant improvements and updates to our display network. As a result the majority of our publishers have seen their eCPMs double and even triple!”

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Now lets check out the adversal ads network review 2017


Every advertisement network probably have their own criteria to get approved, their sign up process is easy and your application status will be decided approved within 5-7 days provided you meet certain requirements like:

  • Your website must be older than 60days this means a 1 old month blog can’t be approved for this program
  • Just like adsense, adversal hates traffics coming from traffic exchange site, don’t be smart enough to play this else you will be banned.
  • Image hosting website isn’t eligible to apply for adversal network.
  • Your blog should attract at least 50,000 traffic monthly and most should be from US
  • Your site language should be in English
  • File upload sites and proxy websites are ineligible to apply for adversal
  • Lastly adversal gives credit to original contents, try having and make at least 2 pages on your blog
  • However if you are rejected you need to wait for 30 days before you can reapply.


Adversal have great ecpm rates provided your traffic comes from the states, the best thing is adversal has embedded a code in their ads code that makes their pop under ads unblock able, they offer different ads unit such ad

  • Leaderboard
  • Medium Rectangle
  • Ministitial
  • Pop-under
  • Skyscraper
  • Wide Skyscaper


Adversal earning are updated daily and they have extremely low payout rates which made me smile, once you passed their minimum pament of $20 you get paid to your paypal account, bank wire or cheque.

You payment period is Net 35 which means after you reach the you need to wait for 35 days before your payent can be sent, all unpaid balance will be rolled over each month till you accrue the minimum payout.



Adversal also offers a referral program for their publishers; you get paid 10% of your referred publisher earnng that means if you refer a friend that earns $100 you also get paid a 10% commission of $10


Must everything has a BUT yes even humans have, Looking at the bad side of adversal the only problem is the US based traffic to earn substantial income, We all know US traffics are nothing but hard to compile but if you are one of the lucky dude out there you can easily go for it.

The only advantage I can draft from adversal ads network is the low minimum payout rate which any publishers can accrue in weeks provided you have good traffic from the said sides.

That is it about adversal ads network review and earning payment proof, if you have joined adversal already let us know how far you have gone with them and how well they served you.

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Updated: October 8, 2018 — 10:00 am


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