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Mobile Phones Specifications, Reviews & Price In Nigeria, China, India & USA. Review: Earn Money By Shortening Links 2017 review is an advertising network in which you can earn money by shortening urls the earn per view basis, this network has been trusted and confirmed by lots of freelancers its purely not a scam but a legitimate network, read to the fullest the review of, payment proof and background.

BACKGROUND is owned by Ian Donovan, also known to be the owner of x19 limited, is admined by another man named Xellon and he has been running this since the existence of this website, was built late in 2009 and has gain lots of traffic, its currently ranked 112 among the first thousand website in the world and its most visited by the Indonesian’s. review

WHATS ADF.LY AND HOW DOES IT WORK is an advertising network which publishers can earn money by shortening urls then promoting the shortened url to social networks and forums and get paid per view basis, not only that you can also get by referring publishers you get paid 20 percent of the total commission earned by your referred member, your referrals can also earned with the format, lots of ways are expanded and will be showed to you here to earn money from offers potentials way to earn money, as regards to earning money from YouTube ads, you are not limited to that only instead copy your video links and shorten it with, then do what you do by sharing the link to social networks then you get paid per view basis.


Revenuehits: Safe Review And Earnings Payment Proof

Note that is not a get rich quick scheme, and you can’t earn great money at the start, None of the internet networks out there will offer you lots of money at the start unless you want to fall into scam, after user click on your link they will be redirected to an advertisement page which will only be shown for a period of 5 seconds and a SKIP link will be displayed just like YouTube Ads works.

This works great if you have lots of US visitors as you can get paid up to 9 dollar per thousand visitor to your links, but considering Africans and Asians clicks your earnings will be a way lower than that, Some is already testing they made 50 dollars daily that’s through constituency you can also do the same.

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PAYMENT METHOD seems to offer fast and secure , method of payment you can easily withdraw as soon as you reach 5 Dollars, Payment methods are PayPal, Payoneer and Payza.

The best this is: also provides daily payments as soon you meet the following requirements:


Withdrawal Account Set

Paid once in monthly payment

Account longer than one month

Account details not changed in last 72 hours

Cash out limit reached: $5



  • Fast and easy sign up process
  • Daily payment is possible.
  • 5 Dollars minimum payout
  • Referral Program to earn more income.



  • links are reported to be spammed by most publishers on the web owing to the banning of the link by some websites and probably later in the future might be completely banned.
  • Support Service is also poor, you might need to wait long before getting a reply.\

Malware attack is also a factor to consider, some advertisers insertthis on, so its better you use a strong antivirus when signing up.




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  1. funny thing about adfly is that it doesnt even require you have a website; imagine sharing 2000 shrinked links for the fun of sharing…. thats what i do on most boring wednesdays

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